For many years, the name Arnway Limited has been synonymous with weld repairs to extrusion press main cylinders. The Company was first involved in 1974 at the invitation of The Welding Institute, Cambridge, on behalf of an Extruder in the South of England. The decision was taken to proceed with the repair as a temporary solution until the arrival of a new cylinder, since manufacture would take approximately 12 months. The reliable life of the repair was estimated by others at ONE year. That cylinder is still functioning today, some FORTY years later, with no re- occurrence of the original problem. Since the cylinder was only five years old when it failed, the repair, which is typical of over 160 to date, can, we think, reasonably be judged to be a success. This fatigue life has been achieved by careful adherence to weld and heat treatment procedures, and re-design where necessary of the mechanical and welding design to eliminate fatigue stress concentrations. These aspects are always part of our service.

Since that first repair, we have geared our operation to reduce times dramatically, and now regularly complete schedules in the order of 5 days, including full stress relief (an in-house capability). We have multiple sets of equipment, kept at a constant state of readiness, and equipment is regularly air freighted abroad for emergency repairs at very short notice.