As part of our desire to offer a full range of services & support to our clients, we undertake one-off or scheduled NDT surveys of press components as the client requires.

We can offer Ultrasonic Test (u.t.), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI) and of course visual inspection.

Having been involved with fatigue cracking on main cylinders, ancillary cylinders, die platens and of course container housings, we have great experience in knowing just where to look for defects and how best to rectify them. Part of our philosophy of rectification is to try to “engineer out” the cause of failure in the 1st place, thus giving a far superior service life post-repair  compared to pre-repair.

Most of our clients in this area of service opt for 6-monthly inspection of major components, although we will adapt to an individual client’s requirements. Changes to a component’s condition, for example an indication occurring in the well-known “critical area” where none was present previously might trigger a more frequent inspection of that item, until a speed of propagation, if any, can be established and a rectification programme initiated.